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The Bay Area Environmental Safety Group (BAESG) - Membership Information

The Bay Area Environmental Safety Group (BAESG) is a not-for-profit organization known for communicating current Environmental Health and Safety issues to the EH&S professional.

The BAESG was initially founded as an association of safety professionals working in high technology companies; however as the organization grew it developed a constituency of environmental professionals as well. Additionally, as its ranks expanded, EH&S professionals from all industries found membership to be advantageous. With a membership in excess of 100, the BAESG provides an excellent forum for networking and gaining new insights on regulations, both new and existing, and issues affecting all EH&S disciplines.

The affordable annual membership fee of $50 ($25.00 for full time students and full-time retiree members - see CHARTER) entitles members to the monthly newsletter which provides meeting announcements, as well as an extensive listing of employment opportunities in the Bay Area and across the country. Each monthly luncheon meeting provides different speakers with topics ranging from the latest on environmental compliance to worker's compensation to OSHA legislative updates and the opportunity to meet with one or two vendors of EH&S supplies and services. During the month of February, the BAESG publishes its Membership Directory, a useful tool for networking among members.

Additional activities include the opportunity to network with safety professions from the San Jose Chapter of ASSE at the annual joint BAESG-ASSE meeting held each August and the annual BAESG Holiday Party held in December. The BAESG is also proud to provide several scholarships to students in environmental and/or safety bachelor's or master's degree programs.

The BAESG is a healthy organization that continues to grow year after year. We hope you will join us by completing the membership application today.

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Bay Area Environmental Safety Group
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