The Bay Area Environmental Safety Group (BAESG) - Charter and Structure

The Bay Area Environmental Safety Group (BAESG) -
Charter and Structure


The BAESG was established to encourage the exchange of information pertaining to environmental, health and safety issues.

The BAESG seeks to promote the professional development of its members through newsletters, presentations at monthly meetings, and informal dialogue between members. The organization maintains a tradition of neutrality on controversial political issues. We do not, as an organization, endorse the views of individual members or those of our speakers at monthly meetings. Our purpose is to provide a forum for diverse perspectives.

In addition, when financially able, the BAESG may present academic scholarships to students enrolled in Environmental Health and Safety programs. The scholarship money is intended to assist students in paying for classes, books, tools, etc. and to promote the growing EH&S professional field. In addition to or in lieu of scholarships the BAESG may provide pertinent equipment and library materials to colleges and universities with EH&S programs. In order to ascertain which programs to support, the BAESG Board may evaluate the EH&S academic program of universities and colleges for compatibility with industry's needs for EH&S professionals and technicians.

MEMBERSHIP - - - - - - - click here to see or print the BAESG Membership Application

Membership is open to any individual who has an interest in occupational safety & health and/or environmental affairs. Annual membership dues are $25.00 per person and $12.50 for retired EH&S professionals and full-time students. A retired BAESG member shall: 1) Have retired from full-time employment or consultation in the EH&S profession, by reason of age, health or vocational change, and 2) Be fifty (50) years of age or older, unless retirement was due to health or physical disability, and 3) Have been a member of BAESG for at least five (5) years and be a member in good standing at the time of retirement. A full time student is one who is actively pursuing a degree and is carrying a credit load that meets the definition of full-time at his/her respective university/college.

Membership includes monthly newsletters, a certificate of membership, special events as announced, and an annual membership directory. Dues must be paid by January 31 to maintain membership status and to remain on the mailing list.

From time to time, the Board may elect certain individuals to a lifetime or an honorary membership in the BAESG. Lifetime members shall have made significant contributions to the BAESG as well as to the fields of Environment, Health and Safety and shall retain their membership status in the BAESG for life. Honorary members are chosen based on their significant contributions to EH&S and are bestowed BAESG membership for a period of one (1) year. Their honorary status may be extended by annual reaffirmation by the Board.


The BAESG Board of Directors is comprised of the President, Vice President / Treasurer, Vice President of Programs, Secretary, Membership Director, Networking Delegate and WebMaster. The duties of the Board members are as follows:

President: Preside over the monthly meetings. Motivate the membership and communicate major issues to the membership. Set up monthly Board meetings (location, time, agenda, etc.). Organize the annual Holiday Networking Party in December.

Vice President / Treasurer: Provide assistance to the BAESG President as requested and act as an alternate as necessary. Act as the official liaison with other professional organizations (e.g., SSA, ASSE, AEA, etc.). The Vice President / Treasurer will handle all financial transactions and accounting functions on behalf of the BAESG, including the rental and responsibility for the BAESG post office box.

Vice President of Programs: Plan and execute the details of the monthly membership meetings, including: Secure monthly meeting speakers and communicate relevant information to speakers; provide any needed audio-visual equipment for the speaker; and secure annual contract on monthly membership meeting location.

Secretary: Arrange menu for monthly membership meeting and accept reservations. Provide reservation lists to the Vice President/Treasurer and Membership Director. Assist the Vice President of Programs with various meeting details as needed. Distribute electronic newsletter and monthly meeting reminder via email distribution list. Keep electronic member distribution list up to date with input from Membership director.

Newsletter Editor: Generate the organization's monthly newsletter which includes current EHS job listing and other pertinent information relating to the EHS professions. Communicate monthly newsletter info to Secretary and Webmaster for electronic distribution and posting on the web. Mail out monthly newsletter to those requesting a hard copy.

Membership Director: Generate and mail new member certificates and the annual BAESG Membership Directory. Actively recruit new members. Receive membership applications, enter information into the Directory and Mailing Label databases, photocopy the applications for the Vice President of Programs (if applicable). Provide the Secretary with updated mailing labels.


The term of each office is one year. Nominations for the officer positions are held at the June BAESG meeting. Elections are held during the month of July. The newly-elected officers begin their term of office at the August meeting.


Voting is conducted through a ballot during the month of July. The ballots are included in the July BAESG newsletter. The President oversees the election process and the Secretary counts the ballots.

If the balloting results in a tie, voting for that office is held over to the next monthly membership meeting for revote and resolution.


Outgoing officers are committed to a 60-day transition period beginning at the August meeting. The purpose of the transition period is to give new Board members a thorough orientation in the execution of the BAESG's operating Practices.

Should an elected officer resign prior to end of term, the BAESG Board will appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term.


At the discretion of the Board, additional BAESG members may be recruited to support the Board in its purpose and scope. Annually the Board will assess the need for each liaison position and reappoint those deemed appropriate.

Networking Delegate: Facilitate networking between members by welcoming and introductions at the monthly membership meetings. The Networking Delegate will assist the Membership Director in new member recruitment efforts, which may include speaking to students at universities or representing the BAESG at other professional meetings. The Networking Delegate will also coordinate academic scholarships. The Networking Delegate is a voting member of the Board and attends the monthly Board meetings.

Webmaster: Design and maintain the BAESG Home Page. The Webmaster is a voting member of the Board and attends the monthly Board meetings.